ZILMINER + DAGGER Mining on Simplemining, 1 simple BAT


Here a quick and fast integration of zilminer and dagger integration!

Only need to place your zilBat and your daggerBat, and all works.

1º Go to your SM panel, groups, new group, and select CUSTOM.
2ºPlace the name and description that you want, and on MINEROPTIONS, place the next code with your own changes:

https://www.dropbox.com/s/1c6ex163ai54q77/zildagger-v1.7.zip ;zilBat --pow-start ./stop.sh --pow-end ./start.sh --pow-end-at-startup -P zil://walletZIL.$rigName@IP:PORT/api --clear-dag ;claymoreBat yourNormalDaggerBatHERE

https://www.dropbox.com/s/1c6ex163ai54q77/zildagger-v1.7.zip ;zilBat --pow-start ./stop.sh --pow-end ./start.sh --pow-end-at-startup -P zil://walletZIL.$rigName@IP:PORT/api --clear-dag ;claymoreBat -wd 1 -r 1 -epool IP:PORT -ewal walletDAGGER -eworker $rigName -allpools 1 -eqlim 288 -asm 1 -erate 1 -allcoins 1 -ttli 75 -minspeed 170


ETH: 0x002C2FBbaF3212033bF6E51B1e79075f1F34408a
BTC: 3LhruK11wgFaxTCbYuNhYfDKhnbvVPHYk3
ZIL: 0xeB48A8ec66562154F329511373DE945014f5eF7b

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Simple Mining OS ETH, GRIN +ZIL integration