Zilminer: Beta release


Hey, thank you for doing this.

Does the windows version work or do we have to wait for the Zilliqa team to set up something like the Ubuntu client first?

vim constants.xml


Few questions regarding approach option 1;

  1. For the Zilliqa (pBFT) client. Does it matter how I’ve did the build ./build.sh, ./build.sh cuda or ./build.sh opencl ?

  2. Beside the editing part of the constants.xml, should I just run it with ./launch.sh and enter path, ip and port, like with standalone mining?

  3. For the Zilminer:
    After waiting quite some time (guess for the PoW window) it looked like the miner started mining but only just a little with the first gpu before it turn all back to zero “0”. See this pastebin Could this has to do with one out of the 6 gpus which is defect, and if this can cause problems; then my question 4.

  4. Is there anyway to set flags to disable the defect gpu? / flag or config to select which gpus to use?

  5. How to exit (ssh) command shell without killing the mining process and “tail” progress again when returning to (ssh) command shell on the Zilminer?

  1. the current difficulty of testnet is very low, one gpu can get the result quickly and paused.
  2. you can use --opencl-device or --cuda-device to select which devices you want to using.
  3. Use nohup or screen to detach the process.


Thanks, this will help me proceed.


It should work with all builds. Yes, launching it will be the same as before.


Yea, looks like I’ve got things working. Wallet balance growing.
Client running and PoW miner with 6 AMD gpus connected.

Is it possible to let the client do PoW as well in addition to the remote PoW miners by not setting parameters in constants.xml to false? Or isn’t that advisable for the pBFT client?


I would like to help but I am not able on Win 10. How can I set proxy? It is not clear to me a Windows user


Why is some of the PoW only accepted by gpu 0 and rejected by the rest?
What could be the reason of this, also low difficulty?


Great work! Thank you so much!

Would you be able to give us a command line argument example for a stratum ethereum pool and a zil remote node?

I assume it now can mine stratum eth and switch to zil pow, then back.


Hi deepgully !

Yesterday i finally did my node and began de proxy mining with Zillminer. We are a big group of friends and we think we are going to use all of us ur miner.

Now we put one node to try and one computer on windows to mine. Around 6 hours…

We received all the time hash 0

I put you some screenshot of the node and some of the miner…


Any ideas of what could happen?

Thanks in advance men!



Following all the instructions if a i connect my rigs to this port… it doesnt connect… Any help? Or just connect to external port i open?


What is the advantage of using more than one CPU node for a GPU cluster (several GPU rigs)?


1 CPU nodes = 1 signer.

You need to sign a micro or final TX block in order to get rewarded. Hence, if you have enough GPUs to guarantee the entrance of more CPU nodes, you can do so to get more rewards as you will have multiple signers working.


Heya, before mainnet, zilminer had the “–ergodicity=2” argument in the batch line.
What is it? Is it necessary? Does it harm anything if I still have?



Zilliqa client allows for CPU mining. Is it (CPU mining) as inefficient as in Ethereum? Bear in mind i don’t mean cost efficient - I am talking about performance only.

Can I do Zilliqa client CPU mining while serving also as CPU node for GPU cluster?

What happens when you keep:


in your CPU node (which has Nvidia GPU installed) while doing Option 1? Will it do GPU mining while serving as CPU node for GPU cluster?

Also is it reasonable to host multiple CPU nodes on 1 physical host (8 cores) for a GPU cluster?

How much processing power does signing need?


While using ZilMiner in dual mode I spotted this error today once on Windows 7 mining host: X 02:00:49 cuda-0 Exception thrown in Worker thread: GPU error: CUDA error in
func set_header at line 182 unknown error



Any chance you can add what arguments to use for dual mining?



Check out the zilminer github page. My question got answered, the args are posted there.


Hello, guys!

Trying to setup the Zil node, doing everything as written in the manual but when I try to start it, I get -

FetchOfflineLookups Timeout

Attaching a screenshot.

Any thoughts?