Zilliqa Mining Stopped Running?


I am running Linux on Oracle VM VirtualBox. I am not behind a NAT - have only a modem in between my personal computer running windows 10 and internet service provider. I have successfully downloaded the files docker and launched Zilliqa, but have had network issues. I think that my network issues have been solved by FetchOfflineLookups Timeout but am unsure.

Edit: Still getting the fetchofflinelookups failed 3/3 error :confused:

When I launch Zilliqa and then take a look at the log files with tail -f zilliqa-00001-log.txt I get the following:

No edits to the log have been made in an hours time!


If you run a VM, you have to port forward the VM to open up the port.



Thought that I had !


No settings changed - up and running now

Alls well ends well appreciate the reply