Zilliqa Address Standard


This is an informative post about Zilliqa’s address standard.

NOTE TO ALL: The enforcement of this checksum is to prevent accidental loss of funds when sending mainnet ZILs to an Ethereum addresses at the Zilliqa protocol level. However, as the Ethereum protocol does not enforce checksum natively, if you are to send ERC20 ZILs to a Zilliqa address, your funds will be lost.

All generated Zilliqa addresses must have:

  • "0x" header prefixed AND
  • the hex string must be checksummed for every 6*ith bit

Examples of Zilliqa addresses are as follows:


Several SDKs has dedicated functions to generate a checksummed address:

Please comply to this address standard in order to guarantee interoperability amongst wallets, exchanges and explorers. Thank you.

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