Why Vacuous epoch was so long last two DS epoch?


Look at block Block #4999 (07.02.2019, 14:04:59)
And block #5000 (07.02.2019, 14:42:17) - Vacuous epoch time 38m

At block Block #5099(07.02.2019, 17:22:59)
And block #5100 (07.02.2019, 17:34:08) - Vacuous epoch time 12m
Why Vacuous epoch was so long last two DS epoch?

And now tx epoch 5100 already 19m - it is too long! Bettwen tx epoch should be 1-2m… Something wrong?

Before everything was much faster before… like:
Block #4899 (07.02.2019, 11:04:14)
Block #4900 (07.02.2019, 11:29:54) - Vacuous epoch time 25s
Block#4799 (07.02.2019, 8:05:52)
Block#4800 (07.02.2019, 8:12:01) - Vacuous epoch time 6m



If some DS nodes are blacklisted due to duplicated IP, or IP changes by ISP, or out of sync from the network, they will affect the next round of the DS epoch. By right, DS nodes are all incentivised to drive the network forward, due the way rewards are structured. However, as the network is still nascent and people might not be able to set up DS nodes properly, we are currently facing this issue of slow network.

We are implementing a fix via network upgrade by the end of Feb to help alleviate this issue.


One node one IP or...?
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