Shards Formation and Nodes reshuffle at Every New DS Epoch

Hi, I am new to Zilliqa.

Recently, I’ve read about the whitepaper and wiki ( I have some problems in shards formation and nodes reshuffle.

  1. Committee Size. It mentioned in the whitepaper that it keeps a fixed committee size by ordering nonce. But in wiki, the committee size is not specified. Dose it mean there is no change about the size? The nodes are assigned to a certain committee via their nonce as usual and they might not be able to become a committee member because it is full?

  2. DS-Block Header. It is said that Each node that has successfully produced a valid nonce for PoW_1 earlier than other nodes proposes a header for a new DS-Block in the whitepaper. But how do I confirm that I am the earliest one to solve the problem since I will not receive others’ solution proof?

  3. DS Committee Confirmation. In the Algorithm1 in the whitepaper, once a node solves PoW, he/she multicasts it to members in the DS committee. Dose the DS committee mean the DS committee in the former DS epoch? If not, how does the node know DS committee members in this epoch?

  4. Node Reshuffle. In the wiki, it seems all nodes recalculate PoW at a new DS epoch. So there must be a great change in the new epoch. Dose it mean that the original protocol mentioned in the paper that new node comes and the oldest goes is abandoned?

  5. Committee Leader. In the whitepaper, leader changes after a relative block generation. How about now? Will the leader change during the DS Epoch?

  6. Tx Epoch. Dose it refer to a block (micro or final) generation time or just a final block generation time?

BTW, when would you like to update the whitepaper since it seems a lot of updates?