Security advisory against scam

Security advisory
We are made aware of ongoing scams with regards to

  1. impersonation of team members and community managers
  2. Fake token swap
  3. Fake investment scam (eg. fake staking via telegram)

Team members and community managers will not DM you in any social media.

Common scam tactics are:

  • Asking the user to fill up a google form and send tokens to a smart contract address or wallet address. Please do not submit any information or send token to contract created by the scammer.
  • Impersonation of Zilliqa team members and/or community managers. We do not pm you or create a private chat group
  • Asking you to send BTC/ETH/ZIL for fake “investments”
  • Asking you to stake for rewards (via dm on telegram)

Token swap

  • There is NO manual token swap. All swaps will be done by various exchanges
  • Zilliqa and our community managers will not collect any information from you.
  • Any online form (including google form) that asked you fill your details in order to do token swap is a scam
  • Please do not reveal your private key or mnemonic phrase to anyone
  • Please refer to the announcement from exchanges for token swap instructions

Token swap are still ongoing. Strictly via supported exchanges. For list of supporting exchange, you may wish to refer to “Token Swap progress update (exchanges)”.