Scilla file size


Is there any file size limit for scilla? I could not deploy more than 300 lines of code.


Hello there,

There is a limit of 20kb size for Scilla files. Can I have a look at your contract so to understand why it is taking so much space?


@snowsledge I rewrite the code to make it under 300 line. then it works.
You can see here

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BTW, why bool datatype is not working on Editor?


Ah good find! Bool type is an ADT in the scilla implementation, hence it has to be represented like this in the msg params:

        "vname": "increaseBal",
        "type": "Bool",
        "value": {
          "constructor" : "True",
          "argtypes" : [],
          "arguments": []

However, the Savant-IDE currently does not support ADTs yet as arguments, we are working on this feature. A suggestion is to do so in your calling Javascript code vanilla style for now.

If you need to test in locally with the Scilla binary, do let me know. I can send you the test case for adjustSupply.


@snowsledge thank you. I will test with Javascript


@snowsledge Why execute smart contract through Javascript is so slow?



Perhaps, more context will be good. What is the definition of “slow”?


@snowsledge every smart contract call. It takes about at least 1 minute to.


That is normal. A block time in Zilliqa is 1 min 20 seconds on average.


So it means that it can be faster on mainnet if there are more node?