Ryzen 5 2600/RX-580 for Mining?


Hi All!

I am looking to build a single GPU PC to get my feet wet mining ZIL. The hardware specs state CPU is an Intel i5 or better. I’d prefer to use an AMD Ryzen 5 2600 that I have laying around along with an RX-580 graphics card with the idea of building a 6 GPU rig down the road using the same CPU/GPU combination if things work out with this single GPU “rig”.

My question is must I use an Intel CPU, or is an equivalent AMD CPU ok to use?




Amd is fine, but one gpu wont likely get through the pow phase for long. Could be as little as days. Now is your chance to get in!

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Going take your advice and build out a rig. Just 2 RX-580’s to start, then I will add 4 more if I can get it up and running. I have a little bit of experience mining XMR and ETH on a desktop PC, but mining ZIL seems pretty complex compared to what I have experience with so before I get in over my head I want to see if I can just get this running. I have basically no knowledge of running a Linux OS and have very little experience using a command line. Hoping I can figure this out. Worst case I build a couple gaming PC’s from the parts and unload them on Facebook Marketplace…lol

Thanks for your reply and input!


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