Refrence Implimentation for Zilliqa?

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if the Zilliqa Core team has plans of building a reference implementation of Zilliqa Core.

It would be nice for the community to have;

  1. Full spec on Zilliqa’s architecture ( e.g data structures), utilities ( e.g cryptography & networking stack) & Mechanisms ( e.g Mining)
  2. A reference implementation of Zilliqa core (preferably in python)

I am saying this in admiration of Ethereum’s ETH 2.0 reference implementation & ETH 2.0 spec.

This may assist in two critical areas;

a) Allowing more people to deeply understand how Zilliqa works with more ease hopefully leading to a safer bus factor & also allowing developers working on stuff like smart contracts & mining tools make more efficient products.

b) This spec may be a standard benchmark for future groups that may want to build their own Zilliqa clients thus ushering in client diversity.

I know such information for the above already exists as blog posts, white papers & other media, but I think the community may be able to benefit more by having access to thoroughly comprehensive & formal documentation resources.

I concur it is needed but I dont think there will exist such thing in the near future.

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Why do u think so? They are probably using a reference spec in house for building Zilliqa core, so all they need to-do is opensource it right?

Open sourcing is one thing. Good and decent documentation is the other. Both are needed for the developers to flourish.

The reason the support is so limited for Zilliqa is in my opinion the fear of copycats. Not all Zilliqa code is open source at the moment.