Refrence Implimentation for Zilliqa?


Hi everyone,

I was wondering if the Zilliqa Core team has plans of building a reference implementation of Zilliqa Core.

It would be nice for the community to have;

  1. Full spec on Zilliqa’s architecture ( e.g data structures), utilities ( e.g cryptography & networking stack) & Mechanisms ( e.g Mining)
  2. A reference implementation of Zilliqa core (preferably in python)

I am saying this in admiration of Ethereum’s ETH 2.0 reference implementation & ETH 2.0 spec.

This may assist in two critical areas;

a) Allowing more people to deeply understand how Zilliqa works with more ease hopefully leading to a safer bus factor & also allowing developers working on stuff like smart contracts & mining tools make more efficient products.

b) This spec may be a standard benchmark for future groups that may want to build their own Zilliqa clients thus ushering in client diversity.

I know such information for the above already exists as blog posts, white papers & other media, but I think the community may be able to benefit more by having access to thoroughly comprehensive & formal documentation resources.