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Welcome to Zilliqa forum, our official discussion site for technical topics about Zilliqa. You’ll find topics with the following scopes:

  • Core Protocol
  • dApp Development
  • Smart Contracts (Scilla)
  • Mining
  • Meetup

Note: This is not the place for

  • non-technical discussions. For that, please visit r/zilliqa.
  • price discussion.

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  • Be respectful, nice, erudite and fun. In return, you’ll get an awesome community that you deserve.
  • To prevent scammers/imposters, do note that all Zilliqa Core members will have the “Zilliqa Core” badges.
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  • Please do note that posting on this site is accepting the release of your submitted content into the public domain.

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Forum Features

1. LaTeX Equations

This forum supports LaTeX equations between $dollar signs$. The default LaTeX style is the “inline” style which looks like \sum_{k=0}^n {n \choose k} = 2^n , in text this is

$ \sum_{k=0}^n {n \choose k} = 2^n $

However, if you start your equation with $$ on it’s own beginning and teminating line like,

\sum_{k=0}^n {n \choose k} = 2^n

it looks like this

\sum_{k=0}^n {n \choose k} = 2^n

2. Markdown

Please check out the markdown guide in the link below to understand how to use it:

3. Code highlighting in markdown

We support highlighting of your code using markdown.
For example, for a Javascript code snippet, you can open with ```javascript and close with ``` again.

async function testBlockchain() {
  try {
    //Send a transaction to the network
    const balance = await zilliqa.blockchain.getBalance(add);
    const tx = await zilliqa.blockchain.createTransaction({
        version: 1,
        toAddr: '573EC96638C8BB1C386394602E1460634F02ADDD',
        amount: new BN(888888),
        gasPrice: new BN(100),
        gasLimit: Long.fromNumber(1),
  } catch (err) {


4. Images

We also support uploading of images :slight_smile: