Node suddenly stop sync


Node suddenly stop sync i think after this mesage
Epoch 8100] I lost PoW (DS level) :frowning: Better luck next time!

And after some time got this Fallback is currently disabled
After that sync stoped.

to start sync again need stop docker container and run againā€¦
How to fix thisā€¦

If it is due to not found solution for ds epoch, so
how then mine if the node is not synchronized any moreā€¦
New POW phase will give me wrong header in this caseā€¦(i think)

maybe this can help explain

[INFO][ 1811][19-02-09T16:21:39.342][okup/Lookup.cpp:3561][SetSyncType ] [Epoch 1] Set sync type to 1
[INFO][ 183][19-02-09T23:00:59.922][okup/Lookup.cpp:3561][SetSyncType ] [Epoch 6700] Set sync type to 0
[INFO][ 3078][19-02-10T09:56:33.047][okup/Lookup.cpp:3561][SetSyncType ] [Epoch 7100] Set sync type to 2
[INFO][ 340][19-02-10T12:15:20.528][okup/Lookup.cpp:3561][SetSyncType ] [Epoch 7200] Set sync type to 0
[INFO][ 3989][19-02-10T18:50:52.422][okup/Lookup.cpp:3561][SetSyncType ] [Epoch 7500] Set sync type to 2
[INFO][ 219][19-02-10T21:14:59.905][okup/Lookup.cpp:3561][SetSyncType ] [Epoch 7600] Set sync type to 0
[INFO][ 1809][19-02-11T06:08:38.679][okup/Lookup.cpp:3561][SetSyncType ] [Epoch 1] Set sync type to 1
[INFO][ 376][19-02-11T08:24:22.213][okup/Lookup.cpp:3561][SetSyncType ] [Epoch 8100] Set sync type to 0
[INFO][ 1810][19-02-11T09:36:55.061][okup/Lookup.cpp:3561][SetSyncType ] [Epoch 1] Set sync type to 1
[INFO][ 198][19-02-11T10:45:33.488][okup/Lookup.cpp:3561][SetSyncType ] [Epoch 8200] Set sync type to 0


Are you running two nodes on one real computer?


Can I reach you by email or some other way?