No more Backup Node


Hey Gus. Yesterday with my node i was a “Backup Node” but now i get the message “I am a normal Node”. I have moved my Node to another computer, the setting was no changed. Any idea whats happend?

It seems he do nothing. Any idea?

The Node is doing something. Because I get a reward every now and then.



Those are pool rewards not your reward.
Grep for ‘REWARD’ in caps


All right. I just had the feeling that I got this ZIL well written every time. Since I didn’t find any extra “REWARD” entries in the log file. The ballance on the website increased however. But not anymore. The last entries in the log are here:

[INFO][   53][19-02-07T02:47:05.816][ckProcessing.cpp:667][ProcessFinalBlock   ] [Epoch 4699] [REWARD] Got 27468607305936 as reward
[INFO][  143][19-02-07T15:23:05.838][ckProcessing.cpp:667][ProcessFinalBlock   ] [Epoch 5099] [REWARD] Got 29970356209436 as reward
[INFO][  168][19-02-07T21:18:26.195][ckProcessing.cpp:667][ProcessFinalBlock   ] [Epoch 5299] [REWARD] Got 32330804628406 as reward

There is always a great time span between the epochs. But i dont no why…