New UI/UX focused Zilliqa wallet

Hello, guys, I have created this minimal and UX centric wallet it is work in progress and there are a lot of things I want to include in this, source code any feedback and suggestions are highly appreciated. thanks :slight_smile:


  • Simple user flow
  • Responsive design
  • Offline support, Means you can locally sign transaction without the need of the internet.
  • PWA, Means you can install it as a native app in your Mobile/Desktop and run without the help of internet


  • Contract interaction
  • Multiple account management
    and many more
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Very slick UI. Great work! :smiley:

Some comments:

  • Do add some Disclaimer in the front page before Users enter your wallet service. This will provide you some legal coverage in case anyone lose their funds while using your service, even if it is a User error. Example: Sample Disclaimer
  • Do add a warning to prevent Users from sending ERC-20 interim ZILs to this native Zilliqa wallet address. Zilliqa address generation uses SHA256 hashing algorithm instead of KECCAK. Users who sends ERC-20 interim ZILs to this native Zilliqa wallet address from their MyCrypto/MyEtherWallet/Metamask accounts may lose their funds if checksum is disabled.
  • I feel that disabling the QR code feature for the Private Key under the “Wallet Info” section might be safer from screen capture malware. A copy button for Private Key might suffice.

Thanks for the feedback/suggestions. I’ll add these in the next update :slight_smile:


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Hello Manish,

its necessary to make Windows executable installation file for Zilliqa Wallet, to be installable as a Desktop app after download of .zip archive from Github.

Thanks for understanding and keep the good job, it is just a finish of Your work. Without it, it will never be complete for adoption.

Best regards,

Zilliqa community adoption operative

Dear Manish, for Your information:

Zilliqa wallet is not “working” and not able to send transactions both on Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer. Tested on Windows now. “Something went wrong.”

I very doubt it is working on Linux, gonna try tommorow on Linux terminal.

Joona, the Zilliqa official community manager, has instructed me to inform You here. It is a complete fail, for now. Please, correct this ASAP.



Hey @LeoZeef, there was an issue with the network version. It’s fixed now.

Hey, @LeoZeef Thanks for the feedback. I’ve added this proposal to the todo list and will make it available for upcoming versions.

Hi Manish, it is still not working to send Transactions. Perhaps the whole website needs to be refreshed on
server, like e.g Wordpress needs to refreshed on the server with when update made.

Please try it make to run from your browser elsewhere and test it and report here. I will retest it then, too.

If you need mainet Zil to send, write me yours Telegram and email here, i will contact You ASAP and send You 10 Zil for testing.

Test it now for mainet Zil offcourse. It does not work now after refresh !!!

Thanks for really fixing it, its important.

I am gonna report this to dr. Amrit Kumar, if it is really working or not.

Kind regards.



It works now.

We have fixed it together with Manish, he is a really good Zillliqa community dev.

May you change it so that the default node upon first accessing the website is the mainnet API endpoint instead of the testnet one?

It would be one less thing to pay attention to for the general user.

Definitely, I’ll set Mainnet to the default node in upcoming version.

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  • Offline support, Means you can locally sign transaction without the need of the internet.

Does this mean offline support is implemented? If so, I don’t see it in the user interface. How can I access it?

Ideally it should be able to save a transaction online to a file, sign it offline, and broadcast it online.

Hey, @eisencar behind the UI the wallet uses offline signing method and then broadcast the transaction to the network you can check this here. I have not included the option for the full offline support in the UI yet because it will make UX bad, user has to manually include the nonce, gas price and needs to check the balance, etc. but I’m thinking of making it more simple like MyEtherWallet in the upcoming release.