N00b part 2, correct CPU / GPU miner setup


As a follow up, i thought it best to start a new thread with questions regarding a functional and running node.

Again, note I followed this instruct: Mining with docker remotely

Can anyone please confirm that my node / CPU / GPU mining rig appears to be setup correctly?

On one rig, i have:
Ubuntu 16.0.4
16gb ram
5 AMD RX580 GPU, 3 with 4GB of memory and 2 with 8GB

A) I set my router to forward ports 33133 and 4202 to the rig.

B) I set my constants.xml as follows:


C) launched the docker with the following config:
name (default) zilliqa
Public IP Address: 108.xx.xx.xx
Port (default): 33133

D) a valid address, private and public key were generated
*at this point i believe CPU mining is setup and running correctly

E) On the same rig, i kicked off the miner, pointing to my public IP despite being same rig:
zilminer -P zil://3502860291c527a908388fa3808b7743ae2f4145@108.xx.xx.xx:4202

*The connection was successful.
*All GPUs are currently sitting idle at 0/h.

F) i installed the zilliqa-node-ident script in my join directory and ran it:
tail -n 5000 zilliqa-00001-log.txt | python zilliqa-identify.py

*the result output: normal

With that, everything seems to be running correctly, but i am not sure, since, well <— n00b :wink:

So here are my questions:

  1. Is this setup correct for both the docker and zilminer?
  2. In order to mine and earn rewards, i need to let both the docker and miner run on into the next DS Epoch?
  3. Will i even have a realistic chance at earning any rewards / is solo mining practical?
  4. If my chances are small, should i look to join a mining pool? like this one: https://pool.getzil.com

I decided to try and participate in mining Zilliqa because i was under the impression it was designed to be truly decentralized for all and thus…

Please, any response greatly appreciated, truly. thank you.



At the current difficulty level 36, you will require a hashrate of 1,145.32Mh/s to get in as a shard node. (equivalent of 42 RX580)

If you possess that amount of GPUs as a solo miner, you should be able to get in as a shard node, else you will have to join a pool.

Your setup seems correct and the node-ident tool indicated you have successfully sync up with the network, but it could be because of the lack of hashrate that made your node unable to join the network as a validator.

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I assume ill need to look into the proxy settings in-order to join a pool.

Thank you sincerely for taking the time to answer.