Multiple threads in Zilliqa transaction processing


Does Zilliqa support multithreading while processing TXs and CPU mining? Does it fully use all cores and all CPUs of nodes?

UPDATE: Oh come on, nobody is able to answer that question? Knobody knows?


Yes, Zilliqa supports multithreading during the pBFT consensus process. CPU mining depends on the cache size of the CPU to see if you can support multi-threaded mining.


Does it automatically scale on threads while CPU mining or some settings need to be set first?

How many CPU nodes doing pBFT process can run on single CPU? What if it has 8 cores? 16 cores? 32 cores?

UPDATE: are ARM 32 core CPUs enough to do mining as CPU node?


Check the minimum requirements in the wiki:


The wiki says I need “Intel i5 processor or later” which is a lie - AMD CPUs like FX-8370 work fine. Are there any more lies? Is ARM supported?


The minimum requirements for Zilliqa mining nodes are:

  • x64 Linux operating system (e.g Ubuntu 16.04.05)
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