Mining reward lost? -- I lost PoW (DS level) 😦 Better luck next time!



I’ve a question about my reward is losting

Today i was updated Zilliqa version to v4.0.2 and that working good to get new work

but my miner doesn’t get Reward for my work

I Think this problems will something i missed for update to v4.0.2

I was tried this list

  1. update Zilliqa to v4.0.2
    git reset --hard && git pull && git checkout v4.0.2 && ./

  2. update join directory only constants.xml file from new configuration.tar.gz

and runned normaly

can i get some help?



In Zilliqa, you get reward only if your node joined the network and participate in consensus. PoW solution is just the ticket for your node to join the network (shard or DS). In this case, you failed to find a solution that may allow your node to join the network(DS).

tldr; Finding the PoW soln does implies you will get reward. It give you the chance to join the network.


His node successfully joined network and became backup member of a sharded committee. Doesnt backup member of a sharded committee receive rewards?


In that case, you will get rewards. However, our network did experience some issues on fri-sat (SGT). During that period, you may not receive the rewards as a result of the issues.

We have since released a new version with the fixes. (v4.0.2)