Miner submits only a single solution during PoW window



I seem to have gotten my node fully running and have a miner connected to it over the network. The miner picks up the PoW at the correct time, but stops mining after submitting only a single solution (takes about 10 seconds to find one).

Is this the intended behavior? From the whitepaper, I understood that the miner would run for 5 minutes and submit as much work as possible to compete for shard and DS Node eligibility.



Adding miner screenshot:



If you pass the difficulty level on the first try, then yes you are in the network.



I think that makes sense-- So you get the whole PoW window to find a solution at network diff, and if you are able to meet the diff by submitting a single solution, you have the chance of being a shard or DS node?



Yes, that is correct. You will be a shard/DS if you clear the difficulty level. You have maximum 2 PoW submissions per PoW window at the start of a DS epoch.



Mining Wiki

At the start of each DS Epoch, all mining candidates will run the Proof-of-Work (Ethash algorithm) cycle for a 60 seconds window in order to compete to join the Zilliqa network.

  • Nodes that fulfilled the DS_POW_DIFFICULTY parameter will qualify to join as DS nodes.
  • Nodes that fulfilled the POW_DIFFICULTY parameter will qualify to join as shard nodes.

There are a total of 100 TX epochs (each 1-2 min) within each DS Epoch (2-3 hrs). Every 100th TX epoch is known as the Vacuous epoch .

So, how do you know if you are a DS node? This whole PoW detail should be on another WIKI page.
I also mentioned in reply to you on other thread I was showing no getWork.
This seems to answer that problem. Wish someone would have said the miner does NOTHING most of time - like told me 3 days ago when I asked/reasked/etc. Sigh.


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