List of All Available Zilliqa Wallets

Hi friends,

I was looking for wallet to invest in ZIL for long term. I noticed that much info is not available even few articles included ERC20 though token migration already in process after mainnet.
I prepared a list of available zilliqa wallets for ZIL coins Which includes:

Zilliqa Light Wallet
Math Wallet

Is there any hardware wallet supporting native ZILs?

Last update: 15 June 2019

Moonlet - Chrome browser extension

Blockchain agnostic wallet that supports both Ethereum and Zilliqa chains

Trust Wallet - iOS, Android

Official Binance multi coin wallet

xZil - Android

Zhip - iOS

The world’s first iOS wallet that supports Schnorr signature for Zilliqa

ZilPay - Chrome browser extension

dApp interactive wallet that allows users to deploy/call contracts easily - PWA

Progressive Web Application (PWA) web wallet that allows users to interact with their accounts either in a browser setting or on their Desktops

zilcli - Command Line

CLI Wallet for Zilliqa blockchain

Math Wallet - iOS, Android

Multi coin wallet. Chrome browser extension also available

- - - Coming up: Ledger - - -