Is zilliqa vulnerable to rogue key attacks that give the opportunity to attackers control the aggregate signature?

May i ask if it is possible Did you implement the corrections that provided in this paper [MuSig]( in order to enhance Schnorr Signatures security to not be vulnerable into rogue attack, where a malicious node can comprising the aggregating signature as it is described here in this post by [Stephan].Am i right?

I think it is a very critical security measure that i hope you have already taken care of it. If you don’t implement it so far, may i ask if it is possible to be awarded some coins for my proposed corrections

Unlike Bitcoin, Zilliqa does not use Schnorr for multisig transactions. We use Schnorr at the consensus layer. And yes, we do have a protection in place for rogue attacks. Each signer has to first prove the ownership of the private key. This is done by signing a message.

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