I sent Ziliqa to Binance from Atomic. And they saying I lost my funds

Hash - 0x613bd0db747e7bbde66f11a14594b0bca46e99a51e9ccdfebcf86c20bbdc7d73

Atomic wallet looked at it and said I lost my funds. Bunanse saying they never received them. And they want 0.01 BTC to put my ZIL funds to their exchange. And this situation doesn’t feel right to me.

I have my private ETH keys and I can prove my ownership. Why everyone is saying I lost my funds.
You please make it right!!!

Hello Zilliqa I had the same thing happen I deposited my zilliqa in the only address biance provided and the exchange said the address belonged to you. How can I get my zil ERC20 tokens sent back to me. That was a land mind because the address is a erc20 ADDRESS. WHAT IS THE PROCEEDURE TO RETRIEVE THEM ?


Based on your txn hash, 0x613bd0db747e7bbde66f11a14594b0bca46e99a51e9ccdfebcf86c20bbdc7d73,

Can I check whether is your interim ERC20 ZILs address(Not mainnet)/Ethereum address on binance is 0x0636f3972f9770d39a5e8aba8f1482446cab4232 ?