Guide to Setting up 6+ AMD GPUs on Ubuntu 16.04


Hello everyone. Over the holidays I had a chance to play around with getting my 8x RX580 up and running on Ubuntu 16.04 . There was many issues with booting once I tried to boot with anymore than 6 gpus. This is what got me up and running though.


sudo usermod -a -G video $LOGNAME

Then download and install the driver. This is the Linux Blockchain Driver

   wget --referer=[](

    tar -Jxvf amdgpu-pro-17.40-492261.tar.xz

    cd amdgpu-pro-17.40-492261

    ./amdgpu-pro-install -y

Once you have done that you must run this command otherwise when you boot it won’t work

./amdgpu-pro-install --px

Then you need to edit the GRUB . Open the GRUB by typing

sudo nano /etc/default/grub

Change the line that says GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX=""


You also have to change GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash" to

GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash pci=nomsi"

Exit and save by pressing control+X (^X), Type Y, hit enter to save the file and then run

sudo update-grub
sudo reboot

Once your PC restarts it should boot into Ubuntu. You can check if the drivers are installed by typing

dpkg -l amdgpu-pro



If you can’t boot into ubuntu and get the black screen that says clean, or you get a bunch of pci bus errors you can get to the terminal by pressing CONTROL + ALT + F2 and run amdgpu-pro-uninstall


Thank you for sharing. I successfully installed Ubuntu 16.04 on mining rig with six graphic cards (rx 570). However, I was only able to install Ubuntu with graphic cards unplugged.

I installed blockchain driver but system crashes when I connect GPUs to PCIe slots and reboot.

My question is: At what point during install did you connect your GPUs to motherboard? Do the cards need to be connected to PCIe slots before you download drivers?

I previously used GPUs with Windows 10 to mine Ethereum. Maybe I have to uninstall Windows drivers? If so how do I do this.

Thank you in advance for your response.


You shouldn’t need to uninstall windows drivers as I currently have both Windows and Ubuntu on my machine as well. You can install the drivers for Ubuntu without the GPUs plugged in.

What shows up on your screen when you boot? Also did you add GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=“quiet splash pci=nomsi” to your GRUB file ?


Also did you add GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=“quiet splash pci=nomsi”

This worked and solved my problem.

Just out of curiosity versus CPU mining, how do the rewards for mining compare with 6 GPUS?

Thanks for your help.


It doesn’t matter how many GPUs you have, GPUs are only an entry ticket to the network. The rewards is based on the pBFT consensus process and how many signatures you contribute.


What would be the ideal set up for a rig?


Would like to know the same :slight_smile:


Thanks for this. Going to build a 6 GPU RX-580 rig (Just 2 GPU’s to start, will add 4 more if I can get it running). It will be a fresh build with just Ubuntu, no Windows, so I will be getting my feet wet with both building a multi GPU miner and Linux…Got my fingers crossed…:wink: