FetchOfflineLookups Timeout


Hello, guys!

Trying to setup the Zil node, doing everything as written in the manual but when I try to start it, I get -

FetchOfflineLookups Timeout

Attaching a screenshot.

Any thoughts?



Same here, not sure what the deal is


It happens when your port forwarding is broken. Make sure your 33333 or whatever you choose port is open to the world. Also make sure its both TCP/UDP.


Wait, what has the port forwarding to do with all that? I am receiving this on my node log, so basically it tries to connect to some hosts that are not reachable. I think port forwarding got to do for the incomming connections.
Actually, if I try to ping some of the ip addresses, I receive no answer.

For example:

Do you think the problem may lay there? Are those IPs correct?



verify what Noncoder000 said.


Ok, I will do that. Should I expect some responce when pinging the IP addresses? This looks very strange that I can’t reach them, on any PC.


I don’t think pinging matters, it’s your listening port that isn’t open. Set a static IP for your PC in your router and forward the 3**** port (whatever you chose) and point it at your pc IP. 192.169.. etc.


I had the same problem and it turns out I had forgotten to this step from the GPU guide:

change the following parameters for the constants.xml file in the join folder to true :


The join folder is where you downloaded the Zilliqa files from a previous step.


I have the same problem. Port forwarding to pc with port 33133 or 33333 does not work. But the port is accessible from the outside. I checked this with the Open Port Check Tool. Could it be possible that Ubuntu is still causing problems here? I tried the Docker version. On a VM and on a new local Ubuntu system. The IP is fixed to the MAC address. Any idea?


I don’t think you can port forward from a VM like this.


Thanks for your answer. I am back at the Local Ubuntu. Here it works now. The question is, does it work correctly?

[INFO][   21][19-02-02T17:52:04.522][okup/Lookup.cpp:3158][Execute             ] BEG
[INFO][   21][19-02-02T17:52:04.524][ookup/Lookup.cpp:378][GetLookupNodes      ] BEG
[INFO][   21][19-02-02T17:52:04.524][ookup/Lookup.cpp:378][GetLookupNodes      ] END
[WARN][   21][19-02-02T17:52:04.524][okup/Lookup.cpp:3047][ProcessSetDirectoryB] No Directory blocks sent/ I have the latest blocks
[INFO][   21][19-02-02T17:52:04.524][okup/Lookup.cpp:3158][Execute             ] END
[INFO][    1][19-02-02T17:52:04.545][work/P2PComm.cpp:601][EventCallback       ] Incoming normal <> (Len=121): 01110000007304050A0608D10C10D00C12230A2103A940303B869120D21A...
[INFO][   23][19-02-02T17:52:04.545][okup/Lookup.cpp:3158][Execute             ] BEG
[INFO][   23][19-02-02T17:52:04.545][okup/Lookup.cpp:1689][ProcessSetTxBlockFro] BEG
[INFO][   23][19-02-02T17:52:04.545][e/Messenger.cpp:5230][GetLookupSetTxBlockF] BEG
[INFO][   23][19-02-02T17:52:04.547][e/Messenger.cpp:5230][GetLookupSetTxBlockF] END
[INFO][   23][19-02-02T17:52:04.547][okup/Lookup.cpp:1720][ProcessSetTxBlockFro] [Epoch 1617] ProcessSetTxBlockFromSeed sent by <> for blocks 1617 to 1616
[WARN][   23][19-02-02T17:52:04.547][okup/Lookup.cpp:1740][ProcessSetTxBlockFro] The lowBlockNum is higher the highblocknum, maybe DS epoch ongoing
[INFO][   23][19-02-02T17:52:04.547][okup/Lookup.cpp:1689][ProcessSetTxBlockFro] END
[INFO][   23][19-02-02T17:52:04.547][okup/Lookup.cpp:3158][Execute             ] END
[INFO][ 1812][19-02-02T17:52:48.982][okup/Lookup.cpp:3138][ComposeAndSendGetDir] BEG
[INFO][ 1812][19-02-02T17:52:48.982][ookup/Lookup.cpp:881][SendMessageToRandomS] BEG
[INFO][ 1812][19-02-02T17:52:49.006][ookup/Lookup.cpp:881][SendMessageToRandomS] END
[INFO][ 1812][19-02-02T17:52:49.006][okup/Lookup.cpp:3138][ComposeAndSendGetDir] END
[INFO][ 1812][19-02-02T17:52:49.006][ookup/Lookup.cpp:672][GetTxBlockFromSeedNo] BEG
[INFO][ 1812][19-02-02T17:52:49.006][ookup/Lookup.cpp:619][ComposeGetTxBlockMes] BEG
[INFO][ 1812][19-02-02T17:52:49.006][ookup/Lookup.cpp:626][ComposeGetTxBlockMes] [Epoch 1617] ComposeGetTxBlockMessage for blocks 1617 to 0
[INFO][ 1812][19-02-02T17:52:49.006][e/Messenger.cpp:5144][SetLookupGetTxBlockF] BEG
[INFO][ 1812][19-02-02T17:52:49.006][e/Messenger.cpp:5144][SetLookupGetTxBlockF] END
[INFO][ 1812][19-02-02T17:52:49.006][ookup/Lookup.cpp:619][ComposeGetTxBlockMes] END
[INFO][ 1812][19-02-02T17:52:49.006][ookup/Lookup.cpp:881][SendMessageToRandomS] BEG
[INFO][ 1812][19-02-02T17:52:49.025][ookup/Lookup.cpp:881][SendMessageToRandomS] END
[INFO][ 1812][19-02-02T17:52:49.025][ookup/Lookup.cpp:672][GetTxBlockFromSeedNo] END
[INFO][    1][19-02-02T17:52:49.569][work/P2PComm.cpp:601][EventCallback       ] Incoming normal <> (Len=117): 01110000006F04160A02085D12230A2103A137D5730A17B57215219B3E58...
[INFO][   24][19-02-02T17:52:49.569][okup/Lookup.cpp:3158][Execute             ] BEG
[INFO][   24][19-02-02T17:52:49.570][ookup/Lookup.cpp:378][GetLookupNodes      ] BEG
[INFO][   24][19-02-02T17:52:49.570][ookup/Lookup.cpp:378][GetLookupNodes      ] END
[WARN][   24][19-02-02T17:52:49.570][okup/Lookup.cpp:3047][ProcessSetDirectoryB] No Directory blocks sent/ I have the latest blocks
[INFO][   24][19-02-02T17:52:49.570][okup/Lookup.cpp:3158][Execute             ] END
[INFO][    1][19-02-02T17:52:49.586][work/P2PComm.cpp:601][EventCallback       ] Incoming normal <> (Len=121): 01110000007304050A0608D10C10D00C12230A2103038A400644F300CAFD...
[INFO][   25][19-02-02T17:52:49.586][okup/Lookup.cpp:3158][Execute             ] BEG
[INFO][   25][19-02-02T17:52:49.586][okup/Lookup.cpp:1689][ProcessSetTxBlockFro] BEG
[INFO][   25][19-02-02T17:52:49.586][e/Messenger.cpp:5230][GetLookupSetTxBlockF] BEG
[INFO][   25][19-02-02T17:52:49.587][e/Messenger.cpp:5230][GetLookupSetTxBlockF] END
[INFO][   25][19-02-02T17:52:49.587][okup/Lookup.cpp:1720][ProcessSetTxBlockFro] [Epoch 1617] ProcessSetTxBlockFromSeed sent by <> for blocks 1617 to 1616
[WARN][   25][19-02-02T17:52:49.587][okup/Lookup.cpp:1740][ProcessSetTxBlockFro] The lowBlockNum is higher the highblocknum, maybe DS epoch ongoing
[INFO][   25][19-02-02T17:52:49.587][okup/Lookup.cpp:1689][ProcessSetTxBlockFro] END
[INFO][   25][19-02-02T17:52:49.587][okup/Lookup.cpp:3158][Execute             ] END


The port on mine is definitely open and allowing tcp+udp. I can telnet to it fine from outside.
I am trying to run as single ‘CPU’ node with other GPU miners hitting it. (Miners connect fine.)
I compiled using the mainnet-4.0.1 tag on github. (git checkout mainnet-4.0.1)
I used the mainnet configuration download as the start folder and edited constants.xml as per guide:


I added Scilla per https://github.com/Zilliqa/Zilliqa/wiki/Mining#mining-with-native-build-locally


I am using as the --address
I see no errors other than this warning. (As per OP) Zilliqa then stalls and sits there.

[WARN][18333][19-02-02T21:01:44.304][libNode/Node.cpp:908][GetOfflineLookups   ] FetchOfflineLookups Timeout... tried 2/3 times
[INFO][18333][19-02-02T21:01:44.304][okup/Lookup.cpp:2923][GetOfflineLookupNode] BEG
[INFO][18333][19-02-02T21:01:44.304][ookup/Lookup.cpp:125][SetLookupNodes      ] BEG
[INFO][18333][19-02-02T21:01:44.309][ookup/Lookup.cpp:125][SetLookupNodes      ] END
[INFO][18333][19-02-02T21:01:44.309][okup/Lookup.cpp:2899][ComposeGetOfflineLoo] BEG
[INFO][18333][19-02-02T21:01:44.309][e/Messenger.cpp:5626][SetLookupGetOfflineL] BEG
[INFO][18333][19-02-02T21:01:44.309][e/Messenger.cpp:5626][SetLookupGetOfflineL] END
[INFO][18333][19-02-02T21:01:44.310][okup/Lookup.cpp:2899][ComposeGetOfflineLoo] END
[INFO][18333][19-02-02T21:01:44.310][ookup/Lookup.cpp:440][SendMessageToLookupN] BEG
[INFO][18333][19-02-02T21:01:44.529][ookup/Lookup.cpp:460][SendMessageToLookupN] Sending to lookup <>
[INFO][18333][19-02-02T21:01:44.607][ookup/Lookup.cpp:460][SendMessageToLookupN] Sending to lookup <>
[INFO][18333][19-02-02T21:01:44.659][ookup/Lookup.cpp:460][SendMessageToLookupN] Sending to lookup <>
[INFO][18333][19-02-02T21:01:44.695][ookup/Lookup.cpp:460][SendMessageToLookupN] Sending to lookup <>
[INFO][18333][19-02-02T21:01:44.736][ookup/Lookup.cpp:460][SendMessageToLookupN] Sending to lookup <>
[INFO][18333][19-02-02T21:01:44.736][ookup/Lookup.cpp:440][SendMessageToLookupN] END
[INFO][18333][19-02-02T21:01:44.736][okup/Lookup.cpp:2923][GetOfflineLookupNode] END
[WARN][18333][19-02-02T21:02:29.736][libNode/Node.cpp:908][GetOfflineLookups   ] FetchOfflineLookups Timeout... tried 3/3 times
[WARN][18333][19-02-02T21:02:29.736][libNode/Node.cpp:917][GetOfflineLookups   ] Fetch offline lookup nodes failed
[WARN][18333][19-02-02T21:02:29.736][libNode/Node.cpp:936][operator()          ] Cannot rejoin currently

PS shows this running as root:
zilliqa --privk {REMOVED} --pubk {REMOVED} --address --port 33133 --synctype 1


Likewise my port is definitely open as OpenPortChecker was able to verify the existence of the open port. Not using a VM. Constants file have those 2 flags set to true. Is there something else that needs to be done? Using the docker image here.


Right now the network is pooched, and it looks like the seed nodes are not accepting any new peers.


@noncoder000 - Must be - because for life of me, I cannot find anything wrong on my end.


I cant connect myself. And was a ds node.
Oh well.


Just an update to my previous post:

I am now connecting correctly.
My last post is above and no settings have changed.

If this was a blacklist problem, the amount of ‘deny’ time needs to be fixed. It’s too long. Blacklisting appears to be too sensitive as well.

I had never been blacklisted on any chain in past (afaik) - even during 1st setup/start. I appreciate good blacklisting code, but it’s also a fine line between blocking idiots and blocking people just trying to connect first time with maybe one ‘bad’ setting.


“I don’t think you can port forward from a VM like this.”

Why wouldn’t you? I am using a vbox VM right now.
You need to set port forwards inside the settings/network for VM as well as your router’s NAT.

Hint: You do NOT need a bridged adapter unless you have a odd setup. Just use default “NAT” adapter under VBOX: https://i.imgur.com/QrZ16Z8.png <-that works fine (don’t forget UDP too). As long as your host isn’t using the port, no need to change it.


So it looks like blacklist lasts 24 hours and not just one epoch?


Not sure. I started this zilliqa setup early yesterday. Tried first thing this morning and is talking.

Now I am having a getWork issue with zilminer or server. My guess is it’s the server side/CPU node.
Seems to connect fine, but no work sent. >Posted in zilminer thread.<
Sigh. ‘Pain in the ass’ comes to mind a lot lately…

Well mining fixed - I guess. Never knew the gpu miner sits idle for 99% of time. Yep - good to know. No reply to my post (^link) - thanks.
Oddly enough, this isn’t CLEARLY mentioned in Mining Wiki. Seems kinda important.