Elastico Consensus Protocol


Hi, I have been reading Elastico paper recently. I was interested in using it as a consensus protocol in some type of blockchain and trying something, but I am unable to get its implementation. Moreover, it seems to be complex to implement it in a week or so. So How can you help me with this issue?

As Zilliqa uses Elastico for consensus, So I thought this might be the right place to query about it.


We took a year to implement it. You can reference our codebase, however our protocol change a lot since then.


Maybe you can be more specific about the queries you have? However, do note that while Zilliqa is based on Elastico at the beginning, the protocol have evolved and changed significantly since.


May be you can guide a little in how can I start to implement a simpler version of Elastico (something which can be coded in a smaller time span)?
How should I start implementing it…if you could tell something regarding this.


I can’t provide a simple solution that can be easily done in a week time or even two. But I suggest to start by implementing a basic robust p2p network layer first. You will need that before you try to implement any consensus protocol on top of it.


As mentioned in the elastico paper, final committee uses interactive consistency protocol for deciding the commitments. So, how did you implement this part?
Can you provide some information regarding this?