Dynamic IP problem


Hi all. I have problem with my ISP. Dynamic IP. Miner stop working every time IP changes. Any solution how to set static public IP on Ubuntu?



you need to contact your ISP and get a public or static IP



Yeah I am on a dyn IP at home. But it changes maybe twice a year (usually due to power outages/modem firmware push by ISP/etc)

If your IP changes that frequently (daily/weekly), you need to get a better ISP or use a small AWS or Google VPS/instance and set a static IP on it.


My IP is changing daily but problem is gone. Miner works fine for since 48h+ until now.


Problem is gone till IP changes again lol
good luck, though.


IP has changed about four times since I started miner and works fine until now. Rewards appears as usual 27 ZIL per 100 blocks.


That is odd. In some other chains, nodes/peers are recorded with an IP. Would seem to be an issue. But if it works… good deal.


In masternodes yes static IP is an requirment…but this is not acctally Masternode…and in Mining Guide is not said that you must have static IP. So maybe my problems had other reasons.


Hi there,

Your IP only needs to remain the same for the length of a DS epoch. When the DS epoch ends, the nodes are all kicked out of the network and they have mine and get back into the network. During this process, your IP can change and your identity will be recorded as such.

Seems like your case is that your ISP changed your IP address 4 times while coinciding with the DS epoch timing. How often does your ISP change your IP in your country? If it is too often, you might want to consider getting a static IP address.


Looks like noone is kicked out. I have changed my port number and keys about 24 hours ago, but my old IP is still in DS list and old address is still getting base rewards, even though my old ip:port was inaccessible. I’m now totally confused and reverted back to old parameters and old keys.


If you made it into the DS committee previously, your old IP and keys will still remain there till you get kicked out.

Seeing that you have already lost your previous IP as the ISP changed it, this means the current DS node that you previously deployed is currently “offline” and it is blacklisted from performing signing during the pBFT consensus process. Hence, you will not get any flexible rewards.

You will still get your base rewards for each DS epoch though, till you are kicked from the DS committee.


Gotcha. What is expected from the protocol in case if my node restored old ip:port and use the old keys?
As far as I understand, blacklisting should reset every DS epoch, so my node should be able to participate in pBFT, shouldn’t it?


If you manage to sync up and rejoin with your old IP and keys, yes you will be able to participate in the pBFT signing process.


Sync up - meaning just get latest data? That is done
Rejoin - not sure how to do that. Logs keep saying “Not yet connected to network”. Or rejoining here means that I need to fulfill DS PoW ?


Thank you for a thorough explanation! My ISP is changing IP once a day. So i do not lose my mined ZILs which i had now on my address even my IP changes during miner working?