Deposited my Erc20 zill token BNB erc20 address they say its yours

I deposited my erc20 zil tokens in biananc in a erc20 address . Bianace says that the address is for zilliqa and I need to get with you to retrieve the funds? What on earth is a erc20 address doing on Bnb if it’s for deposit? It’s the only address available for ZIL. That was is landmind Zil. The tokens are sitting there bnb said zil can retrieve them because they don’t own that address? Can I get somebody to look into it and to do something so nobody else steps into this trap. This rollout of the conversion had been half baked and your goin to get more if these missteps from your supporters

There are currently two kind of addresses.

  1. Interim ERC20 ZIL token
  2. Mainnet ZIL token

Binance support token swap from interim ERC20 to mainnet ZIL. For deposit of interim ERC20 ZIL token, according to Binance instruction, they advise their user to deposit into their ethereum address.

As for the address for deposit of Zil token, it is for mainnet zil (with warning message not to deposit ERC20 into it by Binance)

Junhao help me retrieve the tokens back before the swap ends and I will make it worth your while. Email me again on private so I can tell you. What would be the benefit to zil and you personally if you help retrieve them

Contact Gerry@