Base mining reward



i’ve a question regarding base mining rewards.

My node run last 18 hours, but the balance on my adress is only 27.46… Zil.

Is that normal?

I thought that every node get base rewards every new block?

Many regards from germany


hi there

Can you see in your logs that you received a reward of +/-27 zil after each DS block?

I saw this morning my rewards was only 27 zil after mining 3 blocks, ket hitting refresh it showed my 124 zil. does both and show the same amount?




i can see it once in log.
Only 27 Zil in both for my adress.

<…Base rewards (25%) for all validating nodes in the network…>
I’ve setup CPU-Mining - could it be too slow for validating?
How can i see whats wrong?




again only 27 Zil in last 24 hous :disappointed_relieved:
I think the reason for that issue is:

FetchLatestDSBlock Timeout …

Anybody knows a solution ?



You will need a connection with lesser ping as compared to your DS peers.


Thanks, but can you pls explain it little more?

I’ve a VPS with 100 Mbit/s port.
Isnt it enough or what can i do for lesser ping?



100 mbps has no relation to your ping (latency). You can have good bandwidth but the latency is bad.


Ok, but what can i do in this case?
The vps is located in germany.
Is there a possibility in constants.xml in join-dir?


Unfortunately, changing the constants file values in this case will not help to resolve the latency issue.


Ok, but in my eyes this is an error in code, isnt it?
The vps is located in germany, i cant change latency…


Hello guys ,

my node is running for about 12h and my address is showing 0 zil and also if I check the logs is 0 , what can be wrong ?

Thank you


I have the other problem, logs show 12 rewards and account on the viewblock explorer is frozen after 3 payments.



did you solve the issue FetchlatestDSBlock timeouts before?
I get no rewards because of this?



I do not see that error , mostly my console looks like above


No, but i think its something to do with latency.


Can you do this in your command prompt to find out your balance? If it is a problem with the explorer, I will let the community developer know.

curl -d '{
    "id": "1",
    "jsonrpc": "2.0",
    "method": "GetBalance",
    "params": ["INSERT_YOUR_ADDRESS_HERE"]
}' -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST ""

Reference docs: