Article on sharding I ran into


Are this article’s concerns relevant to how Zilliqa approaches sharding?
The reason I ask is because the author is not convinced, as per comment at the end.

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This is an non-issue as we don’t shard the state.

All validating nodes in the Zilliqa network has to sync up by retrieving the essential information including:

  • DS committee information
  • All historical DS blocks
  • Current DS epoch’s TX Final blocks
  • Latest state of accounts

Then, they have to verify that information retrieved is correct by using all the historical DS blocks / DS information to validate the current DS epoch’s TX final blocks and the latest root hash of states.

Therefore, all validating nodes do verify all transactions from genesis in that sense, and they will know for sure that the current global state they are interacting with is indeed from the canonical chain.


Thanks for clarification!