Api.zilliqa.com give invalid result


Hi, look to my request to API
{ “method”: “GetBlockchainInfo”, “params”: [""], “jsonrpc”:“2.0”, “id”: 1}

CurrentMiniEpoch = 5863
After 60s i made new request and get this:

In this way after 1s i made request again because new result CurrentMiniEpoch can’t be less than previous:

And again i get wrong result!

And after 1s i made new request and get correct result:

Question: how that can be that API give invalid result in request???


Hi there, when your query api.zilliqa.com, you are accessing one of the few nodes that are exposed to the public. If one of these node is out of sync and you happen to query that node, the result will differ from what is happening on the chain.

We are working on stabilizing the api endpoints now to try to keep it in sync at all times.


How can I contact You outside of this forum? Do you use RIOT or other communicators?


For developers chat, you may use the Gitter channel.

In future, you may check out the Contacts section to know which channel are for which audience.