About smart contract fee


Currently, fee for executing contract is around 0.x zil or x zil on test net. I plan to build token and transfer among users. Is there anyway to transfer token (usually need to call transition) with fee like transfer zil (now around 0.00x zil). If the price of zil is $1, then fee for using smart contract is going expensive.


That will be up to the community to debate, and miners to decide if they will lower the minimum gas fees. Zil has up to 12 decimal placings.


@snowsledge Hope the gas price is going to be cheap on Mainnet. if not, Zilliqa is going to hard to convince Dapp developers.


Well, trustless computing must have a fee involved, that is the reality of public blockchains. 0.x ZIL = ~0.01 USD per invoke of a transition, it is reasonable in my opinion.


Currently, it is fine. Just concern if the price of zil goes to $1 or over.